Types of Customer Complaints and How to Resolve Them

Your tow truck customers are the purest form of quality control. Without their approval, your business will not grow and succeed. When your customers complain, they need to be heard because when taken positively, business will have an opportunity to grow. No matter which industry you are involved in, you will have to deal with customer complains. Even when your business doesn’t make mistakes, one of your customers will eventually hit a roadblock that leads them to service teams. If that happens, your service teams need to be properly resourced to deal with issues affecting a customer. If you want to increase customer retention, you must prepare your reps for different scenarios they will face with difficult and frustrated customers. Here are common customer complains that most businesses face;

Long Wait on Hold

If your business has a call center, time on hold is one of the most important metrics you need to look at. Customers want fast answers and they can’t afford to spend long minutes with their phone’s glues to their ears. Studies have shown that after two minutes, customers are more likely to hang up the phone and would not be willing to call again. Businesses can potentially lose a third of their customer base if they don’t pick up the phone fast enough. Long hold time is an indicator of two things; First, it could mean that your customer demand is too high for your customer service team and that means you need to hire more reps to your call centers. The second reason is that your call center lacks automation, and this can be solved by adoption of technology.

Unavailable or Out of Stock Product

It is usually a good sign when a product goes out of stock as that means you are selling fast enough. However, if the same product stays out of stock, customers can become impatient for its return. Businesses need to be time sensitive when it comes to getting new stock. Reps need to report issues with their managers if there is a product that is out of stock. Reps also need to encourage customers to remain patient and let them know they will be informed when a new shipment arrives. This is what we call proactive customer service and helps to assure customers that their issues are being looked into.

Uninterested Service Rep

It can be through tone, personality or some other issues, whichever it is, customers hate to interact with uninterested reps. Some customers will simply not get along with your customer service reps. When a rep fails to meet their needs, some customers will think it is because of lack of interest in their case. Sometimes, this can be true and other times, customers might have expectations that are higher than what your reps can provide. Regardless of what the issue is, reps need to appear invested and interested with what a customer wants.  When dealing with such customers, reps need to provide what they can do above and beyond customer service.

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